10 of the Best Moments from Skins

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This week marked the tenth year that Skins has been around. The show that bought a lot of issues into light through humour and downright rudeness (it IS rated 18) has just celebrated the big 1 0 and a lot of people seem to be pretty hyped about it still. Whether or not you watched it as an 18 year old at the time it came out, or sneakily watched it when your parents weren’t around when you were in year 7 (guilty) everyone can agree that there have been some pretty crazy and lovable characters in every generation of Skins. Here’s a rundown of 10 of their best moments…

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  1. When Cassie and Sid held hands on the trampoline.

When Cassie and Sid were on the trampoline at the house party the gang crashed, and ultimately ruined, and they literally fell in love. Okay, so maybe not love love, but that was the moment that viewers realised that ditsy Cassie and sidekick Sid were pretty much destined to be together.


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  1. That time when Rich and Grace were the real life Romeo and Juliet.

When Rich and Grace aka the real life star-crossed lovers of generation three, have their very own Romeo and Juliet moment when Rich gives Grace her very own balcony scene (literally). When he proposed with the line “maybe stories are just stories, or maybe we can make our life a story” it was arguably the most pure and magical thing to ever happen in a Skins storyline, even though they killed off Grace and tore our hearts open but whatever.


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  1. Pandoras birthday party.

Pandora’s accidental MDMA-fuelled rave was a great moment of generation two. Poor innocent Panda only wanted a sleepover with her mates and some cute matching pajamas but when Katie spiked those brownies it was never going to end well.


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  1. When Chris’ mum left.

Happy-go-lucky party boy Chris’ realisation that his mum was gone and wasn’t coming back was a poignant moment in series one of Skins. Before it happened all we saw of Chris was that he took a crap load of pills and liked to party, but him sitting in his mums empty wardrobe once he realised he was alone was super sad and utterly heartbreaking for a split second before he got stuck inside and had to break his way out. This entire episode really changed our perception of his character, but that one moment really stands out within it.


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  1. When Katie Fitch finally lost it.

The character we all actually quite disliked at the start of her stint in the show but in the episode when she found out she wouldn’t be able to have children was when we saw her grow the hell up. Screaming out her now iconic line “I’m Katie F*cking Fitch, who the f*ck are you?” showed how she had become simultaneously powerful and vulnerable and has finally earned some respect from the audience.


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  1. Mini loses her virginity.

The experience of Mini losing her virginity was so real it just has to be a top moment. While in the past characters labeled as ‘the virgin’ were typically there to provide comic relief and generally be laughed at for it, (Pandora and Sid) the fact that top dog Mini was given an entire episode to pop her cherry was important. It showed a different side of something the show pretty much glorified in sex, with the queen bee talking her fears and anxiety to be pressured into acting like her promiscuous comrades.


  1. EAT.

Cassie’s first solo episode as an entirety was a best moment of Skins in itself. More specifically the explaining of her eating disorder to a bemused Sid as she explained how she tricked people into thinking she was eating. This entire episode, from the offset of Cassie stashing weights in the waistband of her skirt, to the hallucinations she gets as a result of not eating did such a great job of showcasing her eating disorder for what it was.


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  1. That time Alo almost killed his dad.

When Alo threw a party and gave his dad an actual heart attack. Whilst this wasn’t a funny, exciting, or even positive moment in the history of Skins, the realisation that he’s messed up big time gave Alo the chance to grow up a bit and got him to see Mini in a different way which ultimately lead to them having casual sex (didn’t we all secretly ship that?) in later episodes and him becoming a father.


  1. When Naomi and Emily held hands through the cat flap.

Naomi and Emily holding hands through the cat flap was so important. It showed how Naomi had come to terms with her sexuality at last, even though she understood being with Emily would be difficult and it shows the literal (but also metaphorical) barriers that young lesbians face while growing up in a society that doesn’t yet fully accept their love.


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  1. “I bought a f*cking gateau”

Arguably the most iconic TV moment of the past ten years, the line that bought about hundreds of memes and vines and it still so funny that it’s being used and referenced to six years after it was aired. We all LOVE James Cook and his gateau.


Over time there have been a really interesting mix of characters and personalities explored throughout Skins, which really did boost it’s popularity because there was always going to be someone, or aspects of a character that everyone could identify with growing up, and even as adults. If you’ve never watched Skins, or if you want to re-watch all 61 episodes for the 14th time (no judgment here) then Channel 4 have all 7 seasons as box sets and you can also find it on Netflix.



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