10 Reasons Why Students Aren’t Morning People



1.Sunlight and human interaction irritates them (most definitely) due to a bad hangoveralex-article-1

 2. They don’t want to face the responsibilities of life as they still haven’t realised they are now adults


alex-article-2They 3. Can’t bear to face the repercussions of their behaviour from the night before

4. They are simply… lazy

5. They’d rather sleep through breakfast as the prospect of having nothing in the fridge                                    due to insufficient funds is just too much to handle



 6. They spend their nights in the library catching up on morning lectures they’ve missed



7. They have no job to get up for because looking has proven too hard and consumed too much of their time

8. They need to recover, as they have to make an appearance at this party tonight. (If they don’t, are they even students?)


 9. All of their flat mates are also asleep so no one to hang with means more sleep

 10. Because they are students – they aren’t supposed to be morning people!


Aleksandra Ganuszko

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