Students staying in Coventry over summer could be out of pocket

Are you a student and staying in Coventry over summer instead of returning home? If so you may encounter many problems including accommodation and living costs.

Students who have chosen to stay in the city they are studying to work, are not provided with extra funding as they are expected to use their employment to pay for there living costs.

Unfortunately people like nursing student Rachel Elms, have to stay due to placements required by their course. She states more should be done to help students with funding for university, not just over summer but also all year round.

She also noted university is expensive and student finance does not cater on a personal level, for example taking into account families who have to fund numerous children at university, or those who are not getting help from their family.

For students who cannot return home for summer, due to not having a home to go back to can apply for discretionary funding. For other sources of funding or financial help go to or visit

Emily Dean

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