16-year-old footballer lands a £40,000-a-week contract

By Libby Beacham

Martin Odegaard, who has recently turned 16, has been signed to Real Madrid on a £40,000-a-week contract. Odegaard will play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo – often regarded as the greatest player in the world – and Gareth Bale.

Odegaard is the youngest player in Norway and the youngest scorer in the Norwegian league. In April 2014, he made the history books by being the youngest player to take to the field in a Norwegian Premier League match. As a part of the deal, his father has also been signed as a coach, who trained at the same club as his son in his youth.

His wages of £40,000 a week could increase to £80,000 once bonuses are added, which means that his yearly wage could reach just under £3.5 million and his hourly rate would be around £470.

There are high hopes for Odegaard at Real Madrid and further opportunities for prospering, as he has secured a professional contract before reaching adulthood. He will be the topic of conversation for all aspiring footballers and enthusiasts everywhere.

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