2017 turned out to be an unexpected year for the woman. It is hard to believe that it has been the first week of 2018 already and the woman’s power is still growing.

Last year started off with Hillary Clinton making history as the first female major-party candidate for the presidency.


“Nasty Woman” T-shirts sold like hot cakes in the months after Donald Trump used that term to bash Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign.

Donald Trump was constantly insulting women and openly talking about grabbing women. It felt like all the weight that women have been pushing uphill for years rolled back down.

Women said no and proved that it only gave them fuel to become way more powerful than they have been in the past.

A few days later a million of women marched around the world for their rights on the day after the presidential inauguration and steamrolled into the #MeToo sexual harassment movement that rattled nearly every segment of society.


“Feminism” became the Word of the Year with 70% more searches than in 2016.


But how does the past year look like for women of Coventry?


“I think that last year had a big impact on how we feel as women today. It was a feeling of security and power. Really nice and refreshing.  ” said Karolina Kies, Coventry local.


Coventry haven is a small local charity supporting women and children through all types of abuse, both in the refuge and in the community at any stage of their journey, and whether they want to leave or not for over 45 years.


“We as an organization have certainly seen an increase in the women and children that we are supporting; an increase of a third over the last 12-month period, and this is continuing to climb.” Said Jaime Richards, development and funding officer.


Locally in Coventry, the number of homeless is on the rise, with the number of women becoming homeless in the area rising every day. Due to this, there is still a large focus on the community and charities to aid and assist these people in need.


“An increase in the number of homeless women living rough in Coventry makes them even more vulnerable to abuse. We have also seen a huge increase in the amount of food we are providing our Service Users, both in refuge but in the community outreach support; we are giving food donations on a daily basis.” Added Jaime Richards.


Coventry haven is looking forward to welcome more and more volunteers this year.


We are always extremely busy and are always looking for volunteers and fundraisers.” Said JR.


The community is ready to make a change this year and raise awareness around Coventry.


Jaime summarised: “We as a team have lots planned in terms of a Coventry Haven Women’s Aid Team and will be registering for not only one half marathon like in 2017, but various races, from 5k, 10k, half marathons, obstacle courses and even a skydive!  There are lots of amazing things planned for 2018!”


2018, you better watch out!



By Klaudia Szewczyk

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