21 reasons to celebrate National Drink Wine Day

Not only for fresh singles drinking their sorrows away or crazy cat lovers, 18th February is National Drink Wine Day and we should all celebrate!

Here are some reasons why should you join and celebrate with us:

1. It’s one of your 5 a day, isn’t it?

2. With all of those fancy names, you could probably learn another language. See? It’s educational. And you can go to wine tasting CLASSES as well.

3. You could do a wine tour of Europe. Then the Americas. Then Africa. Then Australia.

4. Pretending to be Steph and Dom off Gogglebox in order to justify your night in with a bottle or three.

5. Where do you think the song Ten Green Bottles came from? A wineaholic, that’s who.

6. Why stop at red and white? You could have plum wine, too.

7. Drinking to avoid men.

8. Getting over men.

9. Wine will never cheat on you.

10. You can recreate the gentle-tapping-of-a-glass sound Professor McGonagall makes in Harry Potter.


12. You can throw wine corks at people you don’t like.

13. You can throw WINE at people you don’t like (but we don’t recommend wasting it in this way).

14. Even Johnny Depp has a tattoo that says “Wino Forever”.

15. A 107-year-old man says he’s lived so long by drinking four bottles of red a day. It’s healthy.

16. You can make fancy things with wine bottles, like vases or candle holders. But they need to be empty first, so get drinking.

17. Wine drinkers have lower mortality rates than beer or spirit drinkers.

18. There is a wine for every food. You can add it to food or just have it on the side. Either way… Wine.

19. Wine is bloody sophisticated.

20. Nothing feels more blissful after a long, stressful day than a cold glass of a dry white.

21. Wine is love. Wine is life

Don’t forget: drink wine responsibly!

Natalia Kaluza, Rhiannon Everton, Jessica Allen
(Not written over a glass of wine. We promise.)

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