4 Hours in Ancient Egypt


The latest Assassins Creed game takes us to an ancient country boiled in war and turmoil filled with wonders to explore.

You are Medjay, an ancient protector of the people and the Pharaoh. Well, at least in the newest release from Ubisofts’ hit franchise Assassins Creed you are anyway.

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Assassins Creed Origins delves deep into the heart of Ancient Egypt, with the usual factual and as-accurate as possible realism that came before us which Ubisoft provides its players. The game is set during the rule of Ptolemy XII, known as ‘The Boy King’ and explores the creation of the secretive and protector group known as the Assassins.

The player takes on the role of Bayek, the Last Medjay and Medjay to “no Pharaoh” as Bayek puts it at the start of the game, who starts in the usual way of the Assassins: hunting his targets. The game offers you many new and returning features to improve your success in hunting your prey, both human and animal. So let’s explore these features in good length, starting with the Crafting System.

Hunting, Combat and Crafting 101


Credit: @Matthew Osborne

Hunting has made a return in Origins, bringing with it all new manner of modern-day animals to hunt along the Nile, giving players much needed boons from the sweet hides and collectables to sell to the many merchants that dot the landscape of Ancient Egypt. From hyenas to crocodiles, and gazelle and ibeks – Egypt offers a great amount of prey to hunt as well as a tier system to each resource.

The tiers go up from Common (Blue), Rare (Purple) and Legendary (Yellow), which can be both found and bought on the Ubisoft store. These items are used to upgrade you base gear, such as your breastplate, bracers and quiver, to provide you advantages in battle.They can also be sold for drachmas, the Egyptian currency in the game. Drachmas is vital for upgrading everything else, such as your tools and

The game now operates on a similar system to that of the popular Witcher Series, in terms of its’ combat system.

Overhauling the lock-on combat system that previous Assassin games were prideful on, Origins adopts a hit-box and locked-on system to annihilate your foes with all sorts of new weaponry with upgrading capabilities on all weapons. Combat can be brutal in Origins, and each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses so think tactically before thinking you can wail around a sceptre like it’s as light as a feather.

You control time… and other abilities!

The Assassins games have always had a day and night cycle, but the player was not able to previously control during what time of day they stalked their prey, or wandered the city in search of resources. Well, with Origins using the new Scorpio engine, that’s now a possibility.

When leveling up, players are given ability points which are used to gain special moves and passive abilities from 3 ways: Hunter, Warrior and Seer – Hunters being aggressive range Assassins, Warriors being close-quarter based fighters, and Seers being those who prefer stealth and the use of special tools to inflict death upon their foes.

One of the first abilities available to purchase with these points, “Dawn and Dusk” gives players the ability to change the time of day… and the advantages to this perk is immense. Enemies now have activities that they do during the day and night, many stretching from ‘defending’ to ‘sleeping’ which can make assassinating people easier, because they’re asleep. Let’s face it you’re not going to have much difficulty killing a sleeping man, are you?

All this information can be discovered by analysing them, and you get a unique feature to help with that.

Senu – Your New Eagle Vision

Introducing Senu.


Credit: @Matthew Osborne

Senu is your eagle, and is a replacement to the games’ Eagle vision, since the ability is not so much known due to the fact the Assassins at the start of the game don’t exist. Used best for scouting, Senu operates as your sort of tactical drone in the game and can be used to mark everything from resource transports, animals and the main feature: target tracking

While eagle vision was removed and replaced by Senu, there is now a new system for tracking things such as chests and loot called ‘Animus vision’. This form of vision is used to discover the many treasures that Egypt has to offer, and trust and behold there is a lot. Egypt is a big place, with lots to explore.

Exploration is key!

Exploration takes a massive change in Origins, with all most every building being accessible in one way or another. The world feels incredibly open and freeing, giving the player many opportunities to explore the sunken tombs, ships and great structures that dot the landscape.

Want to go into the Great Lighthouse of Alexandria? You can do. Just walk in. Explore the Pyramids of Giza? Climb on up and take a look inside. Exploration is one of the many key features of this game, alongside killing your targets.


Credit: @Matthew Osborne

The game also feature many forms of transportation to get around such as boats, large and small so sail down the Nile (watch out for the crocs!), several types of land mounts to choose from such as camels and horse-driven chariots, and a new automated ‘vehicle’ system that allows your mount to follow any road you’ve discovered or is available. This feature can help cut a lot of time out in your travels, though the lands of Egypt are vast and wide.  Who knows how long it will take for you to explore?

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