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The newest South Park game – The Fractured But Whole, takes you – the ‘New Kid’ on a fascinating journey through South Park, revealing the show’s favourite character’s deepest and darkest secrets.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is no doubt the funniest roleplaying game since its predecessor, The Stick of Truth.

Once again, the player takes the position of the ‘New Kid’ tasked with improving the popularity of Cartman’s superhero franchise the ‘Coon and Friends’, as Cartman looks to propel his franchise into the wonderful world of the superhero cinematic universe.

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Although, after exploring South Park it is quickly revealed that the game is much more than a superhero adventure. The ‘New Kid’ is once again required to solve some strange mysteries that have been gift-wrapped with the controversy and crude humour we all expect from South Park.

The decision to change the game’s fantasy theme that was used in the Stick of Truth has paid off well. The use of superheroes as opposed to widely used fantasy characters like wizards and elves works a lot better in a comedic role playing game.

The use of a superhero theme also paves the way for more comedy throughout the game. The superhero franchise theme essentially plays out the long running Marvel vs DC feud through the rival franchises in South Park. Cartman has an in depth plan of how the franchise will start with Netflix shows before moving onto films and sequels before the franchise is embroiled in civil war.

The game presents you with many new and returning features to improve your success in establishing your superhero franchise in South Park. Let’s explore these features beginning with the character creation system.

Character System

Credit @ Jaikuran Randhawa

The Fractured But Whole gives the player the option to choose from a wide range of 10 superhero classes, including speedster, cyborg and even an assassin.

As the player progresses through the game, they are able to change their class at any time they wish during the game. In addition to this the game allows the player to combine two superhero classes together as they progress through the game, making enemies no match for their devastating powers.

Ubisoft have presented the player with a great amount of control over their character, allowing players the chance to play through the game however they like.

It is even possible for you to change your gender by visiting the school counsellor Mr. Mackey and engaging in an incredibly awkward counseling session.

The Fractured But Whole demonstrates a modern look on a role playing game. Players are no longer restricted to using characters with only a handful of special abilities or superpowers. Previous RPG’s like the Stick of Truth seem a distant memory when playing the Fractured But Whole.

Combat System

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The combat system has also massively improved with the combat becoming much more strategic, which is imperative for a game using a turn-based battle system. The new system allows combatants to freely move across the battle grid during their turns.

This is particularly helpful if your superhero uses ranged attacks, as you can position yourself in an area where you can deal out a ranged attack, whilst being positioned out of range from an enemy’s attack.

The ‘New Kid’ is also taught a new game changing ability by none other than taco shop owner Morgan Freeman, allowing you to use the power of your flatulence to nullify enemy turns. This ability can be very helpful in the latter stages of the game.

In addition to the combat system being improved, the player is now able to easily select which three of his companions he would like to take in to battle prior to the fight starting. This is an improvement on the Stick of Truth, where the player could only choose one companion to help them in a fight.

Being able to choose which of your friends go into battle with you further reiterates the importance of the more strategical combat system. Now, the player is able to carefully pick and choose allies that will complement each other during the battle, increasing the chances of your character coming away unscathed.


Credit @ Jaikuran Randhawa

A crafting system has also been introduced into the game which makes gathering items more important in this game. After collecting basic ingredients like tortillas, the player is able to craft burritos which can then be used as healing items. Healing items are particularly useful when you are battling against tough six graders, who will often engage you in combat as you walk through South Park.

Inspection Mode

Credit @ Jaikuran Randhawa

Inspection mode is a new feature within the game, which allows the player to easily identify objects that they are able to interact with. Inspection mode is a very useful tool to use while exploring South Park, as this helps the player find valuable items like artifacts and costumes which are hidden in difficult places. Inspection mode is definitely required to solve some of the more difficult puzzles within the game.

The Fractured But Whole is a truly fascinating game that is a must for any South Park fan. I could have easily been convinced that I wasn’t even playing a game, but was part of a thrilling 20-hour episode of South Park. The team behind the game have managed to raise the benchmark significantly higher when it comes to storytelling within RPG’s.

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