5 Things Guaranteed To Make You Feel More Human

So recently I’ve been trying to make a few little changes each month to make myself feel more positive, organised and better about myself. I’ve been doing the following things everyday and I can confirm that I definitely feel more human (yay). 

1. Make the bed everyday. 

 By ‘make the bed’ I don’t mean throw the duvet so it roughly covers the mattress. I mean make the bed, like to your mum’s standard. Surprisingly it doesn’t take as long as you think and coming home to a made bed is just the best feeling. 

2. Wake up 5 minutes earlier than usual.

I know this sounds painful but hear me out. That extra 5 minutes in the shower once you’ve done all the necessary boring stuff to just stand there and enjoy the hot water is so worth it. Give it a try.

3. Cleanse your face every morning and every night.

This cleanser gives me LIFE. I know really I should have started cleansing every day a longggg time ago but really, who has time in the mornings? Well now the answer is me. After pre-cleansing and washing my face, there will STILL be make up on the cotton pad when I use this. It removes every last scrap making you feel fresher in the mornings and cleaner at night. Prices for this particular brand vary but I get mine from Savers rather than a bigger store like Boots or Superdrug, saving myself a few pounds. Unfortunately, you can’t buy products from Savers online but I’ll link the website here anyway. 

4. Buy yourself a pretty new notebook and carry it everywhere.

I know this sounds like a silly one but there’s something about carrying a notebook makes me feel so much more organised about my life. A quick shopping list, a traditional ‘to-do-‘ or just some general thoughts is a really good way to stop feeling stressed and feel on top of things. 

5. If all else fails, go shopping.

 Nothing beats it.

Hannah Benjamin

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