75 year old Holbrooks MP Geoffrey Robinson Reselected to Fight for Coventry Seat

By Khadijah-Peace Watkis Lewis and Jennifer Ikouara


Geoffrey Robinson

North-west Labour MP Geoffrey Robinson has been reselected to fight for his  parliamentary seat in the 2015 general election.

Mr Robinson, who is 75, has been sitting as an MP since 1976. If he maintains his seat, this means he could potentially serve as an MP until the age of 80. However, in spite of this, it has been speculated by political commentators that he would stand down ahead of the 2015 election, to be replaced by Tony Blair’s eldest son Euan.

Nonetheless Geoffrey Robinson MP has heavily insisted that he has no intention do stand down, and plans to fight for his seat.

The Coventry North-west constituency chairman, Coun Phil Townshend, said: “Labour party members have always been impressed by his dedication to the Coventry North-west constituency.

“Time after time, he has shown himself willing to go the extra mile to do battle for residents on issues both big and small. I know that Geoffrey is liked and well respected throughout Coventry and we are very proud to have him as our MP.”

Mr Robinson MP issued an official statement saying: “Being an elected Member of Parliament has been an enormous privilege and my first and overriding privilege has always been to represent Coventry.

“I am extremely grateful tot the members of Coventry North-west constituency Labour party for reselecting me to fight the next General Election.

“I know that there is still more we need to do to face the difficulties in the future and I am delighted to have been given the opportunity.”

Though Mr Robinson MP seems to have much support behind him from standing Parliament Members, residents of Coventry don’t necessarily agree with the MP’s decision to fight for his seat.

Coventry resident Rob Posner said: “A multimillionaire MP living in Surrey has nothing in common with the average Coventry person, nor has no idea about our day to day struggles.”

This brings up a controversial debate about whether MP, Geoffrey Robinson is fit to represent the people of Coventry.

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  1. Hugo Petrus

    I find it very amusing that people are said to be proud of having one of the most crooked M P in parliament representing them remember the I cider in the police van the Robert maxwell invoice he was struggling to find and the endless enquiries that were made he has always been lucky that things came to light when labour were in office how he has never got convicted is a matter of speculation and for those in the know a matter of amazement he won’t be missed


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