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Citizen Review

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Citizen Review

By Kyle Knappett As far as broken friendships go few end up as strained as the one presented in Citizen. Dale Drivers story of two astronauts, John (Peter Brooke) and Isaac (Marcus McMahon), who must deal with a deadly situation, is one that focuses not on the crisis at hand but rather on the tenuous […]

Coventry University told to reconsider graduation ban policy

By Sharon Matambanadzo Coventry University is one of the Universities across Britain being investigated by the Office of Fair Trading for potentially breaching consumer law guidelines by not allowing students to graduate if they have outstanding debts. The Office of Fair Trading has issued a crack down on universities with regards to it policies on […]

Coventry city council encourages residents to have  free NHS health checks.

Coventry city council encourages residents to have free NHS health checks.

By Sharon Matambanadzo   Health and social care councillor Allison Gingell says Coventry residents aged 40-74 should take their health more seriously by going for a free NHS funded health checks. The new free public health program is designed to encourage people to go and have themselves checked for any health risks. It is a […]

Active is Attractive!

Interim Assignment: 235MC Online Article & Package of the story Story Package Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/ayo-lana/active-is-attractive-mixdown Link to Slidely slide show: http://slide.ly/view/8056ea94ecb5168435a141f9ba4ba0bf   4th March, 14’ ‘Active is Attractive! Or is it just time-consuming?’   Recent studies from the ‘Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation’ show that 80% of women are not active enough to remain healthy. […]

Akpom signs for Coventry City!

Hyperlink: http://www.ccfc.co.uk/team/player-profile/chuba-akpom/9 Link to Slidely slide show: http://slide.ly/view/1ad908a183138f94a59221c836e6a296 Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/jaydee-dyer/chuba-akpom-interview-with   28th February, 14’ Coventry’s New Star.   This week Coventry has completed the signing of the highly rated hot prospect, Chuba Akpom from Arsenal in a loan deal for the remainder of the season. After an unfortunate start to the season, which had […]

David Shepherd – Famous Musician receives Lifetime Award!

Interim Assignment: 235MC Online Article & Package of the story Story Package Soundcloud link: Link to Slidely slide show: http://slide.ly/view/4802001dfd24d0eb35ca2abb629dd19d     24th February, 14 David Shepherd receives award for Services to Music in Coventry!   A local musician, David Shepherd has been awarded this week with a lifetime award for his contributions to music […]

A recent study shows that over 50 per cent of international students do not feel welcome in the UK.

  In light of this study, our reporter took to Coventry University Hub to find out what the students felt, and if their opinions resembled those in the survey. The majority of international students studying at Coventry University also feel unwelcome in the UK with a significant number saying they would not recommend to their […]

David Shepherd: Earlsdon Teacher and Flamenco Guitarist

By Ayokunle Oluwalana David Shephered has been an Earlsdon resident and has been teaching music for 30years+ and a huge representative of what Earlsdon stands for. Growing up in Earlsdon, he has seen continuous changes in his community and has seen it grow into a cosmopolitan society. He gives back to his community by teaching […]

Earlsdon Festival

Interim Assignment: 235MC Online Article & Package of the story Package/Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/jaydee-dyer/complete-interview-with-simon. Website: https://www.facebook.com/EarlsdonFest?hc_location=timeline. Interactive Link: http://slide.ly/view/baf7551decd7a0a0e13b986033cb0d9b 24th February, 14 Earlsdon Festival Needs Volunteers! With Earlsdon Festival upon the horizon, expectations and excitement has already developed within the community. The festival is already known for its incredible diversity in its appeal to all ages […]

Refugees stranded in Calais

By Ayo Lana. Calais is home to the port industry in France and it is also home to 100’s of refugees who have made the gruelling journey to get to the Britain but are stuck in Calais. On a recent trip to Calais, I was part of a film crew who went to France for […]

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