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Starting out in music can be very difficult and getting noticed is essential to every artists success.

Kyris from Manchester are hoping to do exactly that, I caught up with one of the three piece members Callum Pearson who goes on to speak about how Kyris formed, their musical influences and what can be expected from the Mancunians in the future.

How did the trio of Kyris come about?

Well, we began in the September of 2011 when I  joined the school that Tom and Connor attended. Tom and Connor had been playing in a band already and I was looking to become part of one. Our music teacher had told Tom and Connor that I play guitar and sing and that I was looking for a band to play in, and so we were introduced and that’s when we started. We didn’t take the whole band thing seriously for a while, just playing covers and thinking we were the next big thing which we just weren’t. In around 2013 we became a three piece under the name ‘Alpha’ and we started writing our very first songs. It wasn’t until January 2015 before we changed the name to ‘Kyris’ and really started to get to the song writing.

Being from Manchester, how have artists also from the city influenced your style of music and is there anyone in particular that inspired your content?

We take great influence from all the bands we like really. Whether that’s The Stone Roses, The Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen or The Foo Fighters, all these bands have definitely had an influence on us over the years.

Let’s move onto the debut single, Don’t Get Any Ideas, tell us a little bit about it?

Don’t Get Any Ideas is a song I wrote about my best friend. The lyrics tell the story of us and how I would f@#k things up between us and then apologise for whatever stupid thing I had done. You could say that I’ve messed up a fair few times in the 6 years I’ve known her and I had always needed a way to tell people about the things that happened but I never really knew how to tell anyone until I wrote Don’t Get Any Ideas.

When you come to writing and creating new content, do you write songs with meaning or about events that have happened to yourselves because that’s the norm nowadays to write songs like that?

I think lyrically I try to write with as much meaning as I can. Sometimes though, I do just write the first thing that comes to mind and at the time they don’t tend to have any meaning behind them. It often ends up that I read the lyrics back to myself and I can put them into context.

Along with the single, you have a handful of demos on Soundcloud, are you gradually going to be releasing the demos into singles throughout the year or maybe even an album?!

The demos were just our first sort of test to ourselves of what we could do. We’d like to think that the more we write, the better songs get so we doubt we’d release any of the demos at all. I think our next step is to record an EP and hopefully later on in the year an album will come about.

You’ve played a handful of shows in and around the outskirts of Manchester, how crucial has that initial fan base been for yourselves as you continue to get more established in the music world?

Anyone that has supported us at all throughout the years have helped us a great amount. People seem to turn up to our gigs wherever we play and we do appreciate it a lot. Sometimes we worry about a s&*t turn out at a gig but family and friends have always supported us and because of that, we are where we are today. Without them initial fans, who passed us onto their friends who may have passed us onto their friends, we would never have got anywhere at all so we are very grateful for all the support we’ve received over the years.

Moving forward, I know you are still fairly fresh, what are you planning for the future?

We plan on just continuously playing gigs in and around Manchester, finding new places to play and new people to play to. We plan to keep writing, keep playing and just hoping for the best!


You can check out Kyris’ website to find out more and their upcoming shows! – http://www.kyris.co.uk


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