A Hot Year for Coventry’s African and Caribbean Society

Credits to Coventry University African Caribbean Society (@Cov_ACS)


This year Coventry’s African and Caribbean Society promises exciting new things!

This year the African Caribbean society aims to empower, educate and entertain their members. With a strong ACS committee, we have been told by President Lee-Ann Bostwick to expect new and exciting things, alongside future events.

Aiming to bridge the gap between different cultures, the ACS holds weekly meetings to encourage members. These meetings are beneficial, as the committee provides insightful discussions, documentaries and a chance to bond with their members. A recent documentary they have watched was ‘Hidden Colors’, a film series made to describe the ‘real and untold history of people of colour around the globe’. With encouraging feedback, these biweekly meetings reinforce positivity and self-love, as well as aim to overcome stereotypes that can negatively affect ‘people of colour’.

So far the ACS lives up to it’s expectations of empowering, educating and entertaining their members by offering different events. This has included debates, socials events and uniting of universities through upcoming sport competitions.

Promising ‘bigger and better’ things, the committee hopes to hold an ‘Indoor Carnival’ in collaboration with CUSU next year. It is great to see the committee recognising Caribbean culture as well as providing an event that can be celebrated by all.  Lee-Ann also confirmed liaising with the Cooking Society, in attempts to make ‘healthy’ and ‘nutritional’ dishes; hoping to tackle high blood pressure and diabetes, which is said to be a ‘greater risk’ for African-Caribbean people.

With their consistent hard work, it is no surprise that the ACS won ‘society of the month’, which was put in place to recognize the efforts of societies. Pleased with the award, Lee-Ann said, that she wanted to be ACS president ‘to do a good job’ and that the effort herself and her committee has put in has been worth it. Closing our interview with affirmative words, Lee-Ann urges those involved in the ACS to ‘volunteer in the community and to value themselves and others!’

Credits to Gabriela Rotaru

You can keep updated with the ACS through email, Twitter, SnapChat and the new addition of Facebook. Or join the society! As a member you can expect bi-weekly member meetings, membership cards and discounted opportunities.


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