A Look Inside Birmingham’s Most Expensive Apartments

Take a short walk around Birmingham City Centre and you will be sure to notice one thing in particular. The presence of huge cranes towering over the centre’s most recognizable features, scaffolding clinging to the sides of buildings, and workmen everywhere. It’s clear that Birmingham is booming.

Aiding Birmingham’s hopes of living up to it’s billing as the UK’s second city are the plans that have been announced this week for The Axium – Birmingham’s most luxurious flats. The flats are to be built on Windmill Street, just behind O2 Academy – a very desirable location within the centre. So desirable, that the flats inside the apartment complex will be the most expensive in Birmingham.

“Our prices at The Axium may be slightly more expensive than some of the other city centre apartments currently on the market. However, we feel the quality of our builds and the high quality specification that we are offering, makes us stand out from the crowd”, explains Ms. Jade Warren, Sales Manager at Court Living, the firm responsible for the sale of apartments in the Axium. As far as they are concerned, this is just the beginning, with property prices in Birmingham expected to grow.

“This is due to the large scale of redevelopment happening in the city centre which will continue to grow and improve Birmingham. the arrival of the HS2 line, which will cut travel times from London to Birmingham to just 49 minutes will attract more and more people to live in Birmingham, especially when considering that house prices in Birmingham are currently 60% cheaper than London”, Ms Warren reveals.

Birmingham view the re-developments as the most important city centre development in the UK outside of London, and have labelled the plans the vision of Urban regeneration. “The recent developments engaged by the city council has unleashed the tremendous potential the city has envisioned for its city centre. The economic successes the regeneration of the city centre has generated, with notably the decision of HSBC to move its headquarters from London to Birmingham, are clear indicators of the fundamentals and maturity to create strong growth”, says Mr. Florian Loloum, project manager at Top Capital Group, the firm responsible for the re-development.

The bespoke modern bathroom design is an example of what sets The Axium apart from the crowd. (Photo by Top Capital Group, Courtesy of Top Capital Group)

“We are confident we are entering a new era for Birmingham. We believe the city has made all the right choices at the right moment to ensure a bright future. We strongly believe delivering this superior product will accelerate the natural gentrification engaged throughout the city centre”, explains Mr. Loloum The hopes that the apartment complex can form a valuable part of the city centre are backed by the promise that the apartments will have “the highest specifications in the city”.

Mr. Loloum details the apartments as “committed to the highest levels of scrutiny in ensuring prime construction standards, the highest levels of specifications- notably with Porcelanosa kitchen and bathroom designs, airy and practical layouts. We are aiming at providing an enhanced liveability for all our future owner occupiers and tenant.”

The hope is that a community spirit, and bright future can be created in the Axium. (Photo by Top Capital Group, Courtesy of Top Capital Group)

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