Active is Attractive

 By Ayokunle Oluwalana and Jaydee Dyer

A conference held in the Ricoh Arena by Sports fitness has suggested that 80% of women are not as active as they could be and something needed to be done.

It is reported that they do too little physical activity and compared to men, they are definitely behind which is a clear problem.


Sports right now isn’t really appealing to women and women may think sports is more a men’s sport, this may be a minority but its still a large percentage of women who may not want to take part in sports due to the competitive nature of it, which is more likely to be in a men’s nature. 1.4m more men take part in sport compared to women, so this is a clear problem.

There have been reasons suggested for why women aren’t involved in sports, mainly the fact that there may be nobody available to look after their kids, childcare is what women say might stop them from being able to get involved in more sports and that is an acceptable reason, they won’t have the time to be active.

Sport could help to change how women are viewed in society and u would think that with the current success of women in London Olympics and the Sochi Olympics, you would hope that they would be inspired to take part.

Giving young girls the opportunity to take part in sport is better than just explaining to young girls, as by the age 14, only 8% of girls are involved in physical activity which shows that getting girls active has to start from an early age.

Campaigns are trying to illustrate is that “active is attractive”, this is the message that they wont to get across to every women, to make them want to do sports and to give them the opportunity.

I spoke to a women and she gave her views on the situation:



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