Ann Evans Talks Past, Present and Future

The well-known Author from Coventry, Ann Evans has had a flood of great reviews on her latest books from 2017. Local Coventry writer is most acclaimed for her Amazon Best-seller Celeste from 2014, from there her career has flourished and her work has developed into something for everyone to enjoy.

Throughout her career she has written a huge range of books, beginning with Romance and Thriller novels to shorter stories for reluctant readers and leading to her first adult Crime book released earlier this year. ‘Kill or Die’ has been given a rating of 4 ½ stars on Amazon, keeping in track with her highest rated book from 2014. Her books are read by all ages, bringing us back to her Coventry inspired book ‘Celeste’.

When I spoke to Ann, she was very keen to say that the history of Coventry played a big part in inspiration for this book. Most of the writer’s inspiration comes from “buildings” and “getting to know the atmosphere of an area, it really helps create a sense of what it must have felt like back in the day.” For those not familiar with the book, it takes readers on a journey through time. Ann Evans creates a character that is able to recall parts of her past life, seeing what it was like to live a life from almost 1000 years ago. Touching upon medieval culture and the history of the well-known Coventry cathedral, she managed to create a mythical story that everyone can enjoy. Despite being almost 3 years old, this book is still highly read all over the country, often being the one book to hook readers and they always come back for another Ann Evans story.

However, there is much more to look forward too from this local Author. After talking about her personal favourite genre to read – no not a Harry Potter fan, I was shocked too… we should look forward to another Crime novel from Ann and if it’s anything like her previous work, we won’t be able to put the book down. If you haven’t already, since mentioning it above, take a look into “Kill or die” or if not for you, she also released a short story “Keeper” early in the year. She is an author for everyone.

Ann hasn’t always been an author, but she has always had a love of writing. She started working at the Coventry Telegraph and began from there. She works with budding writers and is an ambassador of reading. One word of advice from her to anyone with a love of writing
“Never stop, keep going with every opportunity you get and anything you find may provide your passion.”

Charlotte Rogers


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