Anonymous Trump Protest

Following Coventry’s protest against Trump’s Muslim ban on January 30, the Anonymous group, Million Mask March Coventry, are also holding a march of their own on February 4, in the centre of town by the Lady Godiva statue.

The ban that has prompted such protests applies to citizens of Muslim-majority nations, including those with dual nationalities, and has been set down in an executive order. The Anonymous are determined to join the rest of the country in resisting this proposal, which has been described as ‘disgusting’ and ‘hateful’ by Coventry locals.

The Anonymous hit back at the election results with a pledge to ‘make humanity great again’ and created the hashtag ‘BDStheUS’. BDS is an acronym for boycott, divest and sanction, and illustrates the chaos the group intends to unleash on society as a backlash to the election of President Trump.

Although their previous marches and protests have attracted little attention within Coventry, it is anticipated that this will receive far more attention due to the popularity of protests against Trump’s ban thus far. In a Twitter poll, 63 per cent of those that responded within the first half hour said that they would consider going to a protest against Trump’s Muslim ban, hosted by the Anonymous group.

When we contacted Anonymous to comment on what has pushed them to take action against Trump, they were unsurprisingly elusive, as their ‘anonymous’ title may suggest.


Daisy Twine


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