‘Are you from Russia? Enough said, next question, please!’ – US State Department’s spokeswomen scoffed at Russian media during the policy briefing

The briefing at US state department went in a very nervous condition. Donal Trump’s favourite ex TV presenter and now the spokeswomen of US State Department –  Heather Nauert’s, refused to respond to questions from Russian journalist Aleksandr Kristenko, which raised a massive dissatisfaction among press representors even of such big companies as CNN during the policy briefing on the 1st of March.

According to vesti.ru, the spokeswomen was irritated by the fact that the briefing mostly contained of questions regarding the recent sensational Vladimir Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly, in which he mentioned the newly-developed nuclear weapon.

He said: “Any use of any power nuclear weapon against Russia or its aligns, will be considered as an attack on our country. Our response will be immediate.  We have developed new rockets do not use ballistic flight trajectories when moving towards the target, which means, that other missile defence systems in a comparison with this one, are pointless.”

What is more, according to Vladimir Putin,  the high-tech military defence has been successfully tested and the number of it has been put into operation.  However, the real video footage of the testing has not been shown, so the audience had to be content with animated version of trials.  In that, the rocket destroys the aligned piece of land in a few seconds.

According to Heather Nauert, the State Department watched Putin’s performance with a big interest, but they did not hear anything sensational since they have been observing this situation for a long time.

What is more, she also said that some American politicians could see the shape of Florida in the land destroyed by the weapon in the presented animation.  She claims, that experts interpreted that as Russia’s attempt to frighten America. Immediately after that,  she accused Russia in breaking the INF Treaty (The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty).

In the light of the Heather Nauert’s words, Aleksandr Kristenko – a journalist from Rossya 1, asked if America is going to continue negotiations with Russia regarding the questions of global security and nuclear weapons, after the announcements made  by Putin in Moscow.

The spokeswoman interrupted the journalist and said: “Oh, are you from Russia? That explains much. Next question, please!”.

The correspondent from CNN aimed to defend Russian journalist and said “I am sorry, what does it mean? She is not the official representer of her country, she is just doing her job!”

Consequently, Heather Nauert  claimed that it is a known fact, that Rossya 1 and Russia Today  are sponsored by Russia and propagate Russian policy. After that, the briefing ended and the journalist from CNN ran after her.

The Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova announced, that if Russian press will be restricted to access information on the basis of their nationality, the American journalists will be given a chance to speak at Russian briefings only if  agreed before.  Also, American press will be issued with the special places there.

By Laura Jurgel

Photo credits: Times of Israel

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