ASDA to open in Cheylesmore

Cheylesmore is about to undergo some major changes. A new ASDA supermarket will be built on Daventry road.

There will also be some changes to the road itself and a new mini roundabout will be placed at the top of Daventry road as well as a new zebra crossing near the ASDA to make access to and from the supermarket safer and easier. 60 New parking spaces at the top of the road will make it easier for residents and shoppers. The existing parking spaces will also be improved and more spaces will be added. This will be a welcomed change to one Local Butcher who said parking in the area has been lacking.

However not all residents are as pleased about the developments. One shopkeeper said his business had dropped over 25% in the past few weeks because of the roadwork’s, which have caused serious congestion and long traffic cues along the high street. “I’ve had customers saying they can’t come every week now, because of the road works.”

The high street is a busy, charismatic mix of independent shops, grocery shops, convenience stores and charity shops. It is the heart of Cheylesmore’s community.

The placement of the ASDA will change the character of the street, but business owners believe it will have both positive and negative effects on their businesses and their community.
A shopkeeper said “putting a massive supermarket in across the street is not going to help”

The manager of a Green Grocers believes that it will help by “bringing more custom the area, but it may affect the shops by taking business away from our precinct. He added “we wont know until its been built what kind of affect its going to have.”

The residents of Cheylesmore will just have to wait and see.

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