Bang On The Ear: two decades of Celtic folk rock

By Ruben Gomes

Over the last two decades, the West Midlands has been home to Irish Contemporary Folk Rock Band, Bang on the Ear.


The band was named after the 1988 Waterboys song of the same name, with “bang on the ear” being a phrase of Celtic origin, meaning “a pat on the ear”.

Following the band’s official formation in 1996, their career has gradually progressed. They have performed approximately 2,500 to 3,000 gigs at a variety of events, such as weddings, birthday parties, professional functions and festivals.

The band has also released two studio albums: Sail Away (1998), and Live at the Fiddle & Bone (2001).

 Bang on the Ear has performed a range of different genres, ranging from rock ‘n’ roll to blues music; from traditional Irish folk songs to more contemporary Irish rock music, such as U2 and Van Morrison.


The group’s musical playlist varies between self-penned songs which are themed, such as their song Braveheart, which is directly related to the film of the same name, to the work of other musicians which they admire. The work of Lennon-McCartney is a firm favourite within the band.

Such songs are performed as part of their set lists, with the band priding themselves on their up-tempo style, which is likeable, and a fun experience for all ages.



I had the pleasure of watching Bang on the Ear play live at Carey’s bar in Coventry, and was able to experience for myself the foot-stomping music the band performed. Please click on the link below to watch them play live and hear the full interview with band member Jez King. / you can also find them on Facebook


Subedited by: Catherine Gothorp


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