#BlackOut takes over the Internet

by Kinga Fodor

On Friday 6 March popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and Vine were flooded by selfies, gifs and videos of young black people, all filed under the hashtag Black Out.

The online action aimed to show how all lives matter and help black people embrace themselves.

The person behind the idea (the owner of Tumblr blog expect-the-greatest) said: “I got inspired to propose Blackout day after thinking “Damn, I’m not seeing enough black people on my dash”. Of course I see a constant amount of black celebrities but what about the regular people? Where is their shine?”

Fernando Rodriguez on Twitter said: “I’m happy for #BlackOut because it’s kind of the first time all black people united under something that didn’t have to do with someone getting murdered.”

The community are hoping to turn it into a regular event, the first Friday of every month involving different themes. The next Black Out Day will take place on 3rd April.

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