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By Toyosi Kajogbola

Boogey (real name David Odey) is a fast rising Nigerian set to carve his own niche in the Nigerian music industry.This Cross-River native found Rap at the age of 8, when he and his female cousins playfully came up with lyrics about his daily primary school routine. From that point, little David fell in love with Hip-Hop and took in all genres of music in its pursuit.

So, he started dubbing radio shows and started playing his large catalog religiously to understand this new found language. 2003 found David on his way to Morocco for university as he had won a scholarship for a program there and that, was where “Boogeyman” was born. Being in an entirely new French/Arabic-speaking environment, with no family and no old friends, he struggled to adapt to his surroundings.

(Picture taken from Facebook)

After a whole year devoted only to learning French, academic and personal problems arose fast and he turned to the music for therapy. He graduated in 2009 with a BSc. in Biology and finally returned to Nigeria in January 2010.  The young and passionate Rapper tried to spread copies of his first promo CD to no avail. That’s when he made the trip that emboldened his career – he made a drastic impromptu decision to move to Lagos.



With a record deal now, Boogey is ready to show and prove his worth to the Nigerian music industry as he’s been dropping a lot of heat for the streets. Recently, Boogey put out a single, “Sanctum” in which he addressed issues that many have deemed controversial and dropped great visuals to go with it.

Boogey is currently making a collaboration  with coventry university student Tom, They are working on a Rap-Rock Genre. Boogey says ” I am excited to work with Tom on something  different, not a lot rappers can mix this genre but i can”

(Picture taken from Twitter)



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