Bottle Deposit

Ever thought that the 5p charge for plastic bags was taking the biscuit? Well now a plastic bottle and can tax is going to be introduced, with consumers having to pay more for their beverages.


This decision has been made to aid climate change, recycling and cut down the amount of litter within our society. The main bottles affected will be plastic, single-use glass, along with steel and aluminium cans.


Despite the fact that we know that this will happen, more details are to be revealed soon, but other countries that have implemented the same sort of regulation, with Sweden paying 8p and Germany paying 22p.


Since the screening of Blue Planet II on BBC two, more people have been made aware of the vast amounts of oceanic pollution via plastics and other materials. If consumed by animals, they can be damaging to the ecosystem.


Statements have backed this from Environment Secretary Michael Gove, describing the issue as ???wreaking havoc??? on marine ecosystems. Recently, many more people have been made aware of how we are impacting on the environment. British people get through 13 billion plastic drinks bottles a year, with more than three billion of those are not recycled.


When speaking to Green Peace, they told me that ???it???s good to see the government is listening to public opinion???. They also revealed to me that introducing a ???deposit-return scheme??? will help reduce the amount of oceanic pollution. When looking into the amount of help a bottle deposit will actually have on the environment, the Environmental Audit Committee found it to be very useful. 80% to 95% of their plastic bottles ended up being recycled.


This is true in the case of nations such as Norway, where 95% of all their plastic bottles were recycled, which is significantly more in comparison to England???s rate of 57%, with half being used only once. However, Green Peace did state that the government should be careful to avoid any voluntary scheme, as that may only apply to some retailers, and could prove harder to enforce. Hopefully, when put into practice, the deposit scheme will work.


The representatives of a greener way of living within the UK ??? the Green Party ??? spoke to me about the idea, and unsurprisingly they were very much in favour of the initiative. Green Party member, Aimee Challenor, stated that it would be very beneficial to the ecosystems, especially within the World???s oceans. Ms Challenor also added that when the deposit comes into full force, it would encourage those who are guilty for wasting bottles and cans, to change their attitude toward recycling.


Hopefully this initiative will see that there is some change within the social norm that moves away from use once bin once type of methodologies. As the World continues to become more accessible to us all, it is important that we all do what we can to help maintain such a fragile ecosystem. With the threat of global warming more present than ever, we must hold ourselves more accountable for our actions with regards to recycling.

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