BRISTOL: City leads Leave EU campaign

Bristol, Europe’s 2015 green capital, leads the ‘Out’ campaign after the organisation Leave EU was created to convince British citizens to vote out in the June referendum.

Liz Bilney, founder and CEO of Leave EU, has said that even though the UK voted to join the EU in 1975, “what they didn’t vote for was a ‘United States of Europe’; one that would go on to crush our democracy, and in the process create a class of politicians clearly in it for themselves”.

The organisation was formerly known as ‘The Know’ campaign, which gained over 40,000 supporters in the UK.

Their main headquarters are in Bristol, as the founder of the campaign is a resident of the city. A representative of the Leave EU organisation said “we have an office in Bristol where our merchandise team are, where our research team are and where the call centre is”.

The campaign has had support from local MPs such as Jack Lopresti, Liam Fox and Jacob Rees-Mogg who are all backing voting ‘out’ of the EU.

However, Bristol, being a European green capital and having a closer and more direct link to the EU could decide to stay in.

After winning titles as the ‘green capital’ and European Cultural Heritage, the city receives more support financially from the European Union who are keen to have cities go greener and protect local culture and tradition.

Leave EU are adamant that they can win the ‘out’ campaign. “If we didn’t think it was possible we wouldn’t be doing it would we? We wouldn’t be spending all of this money”.

Raisa Ismail

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