BRISTOL: Donald Trump says it’s time to go

US Presidental hopeful Donald Trump has encouraged the UK to leave the EU.

The Republicans comments come after President Barack Obama of opposition Democrats said the UK would be better off remaining in the EU.

Trump has interests within the UK as he owns a number of business’ as well as owning two Scottish golf courses, Turnberry and the Trump international Golf Links.

The former host of the USA version of The Apprentice told Fox News “I think the migration has been a horrible thing for Europe, a lot of that was pushed by the EU”

Trump has previously made his policy on immigration very much a lead in his campaign. He has made a number of controversial comments about Muslims and Mexicans. Though it isn’t only in recent times he has had these controversial opinions as the tweet below from 2013 shows.

Trump did however emphasise the point that he didn’t want to be seen as telling the UK what to do as he added “I want them to make their own decision”

Could this be a sign that the republicans if voted in would still be happy to do trade with the UK after Obama saying that we would go to the back of the queue for trade deals if we voted to leave.

by Joshua Mugridge

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