BRISTOL: EU and Europe aren’t the same thing

As a country, we over-associate the continent Europe with the EU. Yes, the EU is an organisation made up of European countries, but the EU doesn’t have power over everything in Europe.

There are certain things that we have adopted as a country from Europe that won’t be affected by leaving the EU.

There are titles that cities across the country have been able to gain in recent years. Bristol is a city that has hold a number of these titles, including being the first European City of Cycling as well as holding the title of European Green City 2015 and being awarded the title of European City of Sport 2017.

Guy Price, the owner of Bids for Sport, was involved in the bid to be the City of Sport said: “We won’t lose this title if we vote out.”

He went on to add: “It is important to remember that these titles aren’t awarded by the EU, they are only loosely associated to them.”

A Bristol resident said: “It’s great for the title that we won’t lose our title it will mean a lot to the city.”

Walking around Bristol, you can see that sport is a huge part of life in the city. Joggers, rowers, kayakers are just some of the people that you can see when walking around.

That is a side from the professional sports teams, Bristol Rugby and the two football clubs all of which are very well supported by the City.

The European City of Sport 2017 is definitely a title that is richly deserved.

Joshua Mugridge

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