BRISTOL: How will sports funding be affected by Brexit?

Being in the EU has its monetary benefits as Britain receives funding from Brussels.

Guy Price, a senior partner for Green and Gold LTD a sports engagement agency, said ???If the UK decides to leave the EU funding will inevitably dry up???

The UK government spends around ??350 million every year on sports development through UK sport, some of this money does come from the EU.

Though Guy Price explained that when it comes to sport, there is a ‘marginal debate’ to how much funding we would actually lose.

The former chief executive of Bristol City Football club declared ???I will be voting to remain in the EU??? as he feels there will be more opportunity for development of grass root sports in Bristol and the UK as a whole.

A large amount of funding that goes into sport in the UK comes from national lottery funding with 20% of the money that is spent on lottery tickets going into developing sports from local grass roots all the way up to international sports.

Bristol schools received over ??1 million in physical education and sports premium allocations for 2015-16. There isn???t any suggestion at the moment that this funding could be jeopardised if the UK was to vote exit on the 23??June. Though as with many things surrounding the EU referendum there is significant uncertainty when it comes to how the UK will be affected financially.

Last year the UK received over ??4bn from the EU, the majority of this money if put towards farmers and poorer regions of the country.

Joshua Mugridge

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