BRISTOL: Leaving the EU. A nightmare for UK Hostels and Student Travellers?

Hostels in the UK will be hoping that when the UK public votes in the EU referendum on 23rd June, that it’s a vote to stay that they submit.

Since their introduction to the UK in 1929, hostels have provided cheap, clean and friendly accommodation for young people travelling Europe.

A report from the WYSE travel confederation said that “Hostels have overtaken hotels as the most popular form of accommodation; they are adapting to meet the demands of modern youth travelers and increasing the variety of services they offer.”

Should the UK decide to leave the EU and border regulations be tightened as a result, UK tourism could fall off and student travelling, which is popular for gap years, will almost certainly decrease. With Hostels relying on this type of European, shortstop travelling, businesses of this type could suffer hugely.

Matt Sharp, who is currently travelling Europe, said “Travelling Europe has been an eye opening experience for me, everyone should do it. If the UK wasn’t part of the EU, I may not have been able to afford this experience.”

Currently UK citizens are able to work in Europe without a separate permit. If the UK voted to leave, working abroad could require Brits to go through a lengthy work permit process, a process that foreign nationals would also have to go through to work in the UK.

By Kieran Goldberg

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