BRISTOL: Leaving the EU will isolate Britain- Bristol MP Liam Fox thinks differently

As we draw closer to decision time of whether the UK should remain part of the 28 nations of Europe, many UK residents are still undecided on what to do. One concern of those undecided and those against leaving the EU is that the Britain will become isolated.

It is suggested that Britain is already isolated in some way and leaving the EU could only make matters worse. Between 2009 and 2015, the UK Government was more often outvoted amongst the Council by 12.3%.

Former doctor and Defence Secretary Liam Fox recently suggested that this is not the case. On 23rd January 2016 Phillip Hollobone, Conservative MP for Kettering,  presented a speech that implied that the country would not be isolated from the rest of the world. He said: “Correct me if I’m wrong, but the day after we vote to leave, will we not have a seat on the Security Council in the United Nations, We will not a have special relationship with the United States.

“This country has never been isolated.”

Fox, who is MP for North Somerset, strongly stands by the idea that Britain need to take control of our own destiny and take back the “birth right” which is to govern our own country.

Liam said: “I want to leave the EU and re-join the rest of the world, because I want to be able to make our own Laws and control our own borders.” Arguably, the UK will be able to take control of who will be able to come to this country from other parts of Europe, creating greater safety measures. On June 23rd 2016 Britain has the opportunity to become an autonomous nation and Bristol’s MP suggests, “We must seize this opportunity with both hands.”

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