BRISTOL: Opinion – Are we scared of being political?

After spending three days travelling around Bristol speaking to a number of locals and companies about the up coming EU Referendum I found people didn’t seem to want to talk about their personal opinions in great detail.

As a country are we too scared to seem extremist when it comes to politics?

When speaking to people there were many saying “I’d prefer not to comment” or “I don’t want my opinions to look bad on my business”

As a country I think we need to be braver with our opinions and be more outward about what we think about political issues.

This is something that is what some might say is typically British. One student I spoke to said “It really depends on the issue I never used to mind really but when I told people I voted UKIP at the general election I was accused of being racist so I would hesitate to share them again.”

I think it is something that really depends on the issue in hand for most people and this is something that was echoed in a recent poll on the iCov twitter page. It was the minority that were happy to share their political opinions with other without fear of being seen extremist.*

This is a thought that I would agree with as I would be some what hesitant to share my views if I thought that they would be against what others would think or the issue at hand, with the EU referendum at the moment I don’t feel as though I have enough knowledge and understanding on the subject to express my views and opinions openly.

Another poll on the website found that the majority of our audience at iCov is in agreement that they don’t have enough knowledge to make the right decision come June 23rd.

Maybe this is a main reason we don’t feel 100% comfortable in Britain to talk about political views as we don’t have enough knowledge to talk openly about the subject in hand.

More should be being done to enable us to have the knowledge that we need to make the right choice in what is only the third UK wide referendum.

by Joshua Mugridge


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