Bristol: Opinion – The future of the UK is in clueless hands

Decision time is upon us in terms on whether we should stay or leave the EU. But some of us barely know what is going on. As a nation, can we really make the decision of staying or leaving?

A referendum is a something where everyone of age can vote on a “Yes” or “No” to a question. This means that anyone from the age of 18 years old can vote whether they think that the future of the UK should be in the EU or as an independent nation.

The media throws around facts and figures on what will happen if we leave or stay, but I still don’t know what is going on. When we are given a chance on which party we think should lead the country, most decide on what party they think will benefit them the most. When it comes to the EU referendum no one is stating that it will make our country a better place for the public if we leave or stay. In fact for most people like myself, we were never educated on how being part of the EU benefits us, which makes it all the more confusing as we have to start the research now all by ourselves.

In this case, like all governed voting systems, the public have to decide. But if we do, how do we know we are making the right decision for the UK or ourselves in general? A local stall owner in Bristol’s city centre feels the same. He said: “I don’t know too much about it, I don’t think the media provides enough information, Its just all the political parties giving their different views.”

As a nation we get to decide on the future of the nation next month, if you still don’t know what to do but still want to take part, it’s time to start researching what the right decision is for you.

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