BRISTOL: The effect on animal welfare

As we are getting ready to vote for Britain’s future on June 23, animal welfare may be about to change too, but forgetting the ones who cannot speak means votes must be counted for them, the EU holds the highest animal welfare standards in the world to ensure safety on animals, and Britain could be leaving this behind along with the EU.

Although, Britain was the first country to pass any form of protective legislation towards animal welfare, around 80% of animal welfare laws originated from the EU and so lead to the argument of whether our farming and hunting laws will be demolished with ‘Brexit’.

On average, the RSPCA investigate 13,319 complaints of animal cruelty each month. If the laws surrounding the protection of animals change, then this number may rise dramatically. However, the RSPCA have said that they remain neutral at this time.

What the EU law covers:

-Sets standards on farm animals and how they are transported and slaughtered.

-Protects wildlife such as killing and hunting wild birds and some species.

-Ban on testing, marketing and import of cosmetic products tested on animals.

If Britain decides to leave current laws will not come into effect straight away.

Zara Flynn



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