BRISTOL: Will Brexit make our food more luxurious?

If you like French cheese or Swiss chocolate, and those are (obviously) nothing new to you, Brexit may make your diet a bit more expensive.

European Union is Britain’s largest trade partner. So how will leaving the European Union, if it happens, change the trade game?

Britain imports around 40% of its total consumed food, most of which is imported from the European Union. Remaining in the EU would allow Britain to develop and create stronger trade with European countries without the risk of additional increasing import prices of products imported from Europe or further import restrictions. It might also help European businesses that are located in Britain.

Some of shops based in the UK fear Brexit might affect importing food from some European countries and contribute to loosing customers or decreasing income. Staff member of Krakus Polish and International shop in Bristol said: “If Britain leaves European Union the transport of goods we get from Poland might be affected in a negative way.”

“The problem with transport, prices may go up, the problem with sales, all of that may also cause less profit,” says another staff member from Krakus shop.

The shops with European food might actually have a problem with importing products to the UK and increasing prices. But, it doesn’t only concern businesses themselves, it may also vary life comfort for some of us. If because of Brexit European food prices go up, some of your favourite everyday products might stop being as available as they are now, and we might have to pay a little extra for the weekly shop.

Natalia Kaluza

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