BRISTOL: Will tourists travel to Britain without available medical services?

With the Brexit approaching, the NHS and social services are facing the thought of a Britain that supports medical care for EU citizens or a Britain that aids for its own.

Britain currently offers medical treatment to any EU citizen staying here, but with the health services under pressure to fill staff shortages to accompany the overwhelming number of patients, the NHS could be due to collapse.

If Britain decides to leave the EU, European travellers will not feel safe travelling to Britain without medical care.

The NHS chose not to comment on this issue.

We spoke to European tourists on a Britain with no NHS for EU citizens, ‘Yes, this is the worrying thing, I think its just a bad idea. I don’t want to go to France and have to get a visa.’ Another commented ‘it will affect our way to travel.’

Britain could see a drop in tourism ‘I’m not willing to travel with the risk of getting sick and not getting the help from the NHS, and I know others who travel will feel strongly about this too, so the UK will not be helping themselves when it comes to tourism.’

If Brexit happens, we could see fewer tourists in Britain because they may not willing to visit without available medical services.

Zara Flynn

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