BRISTOL: Would Brexit be the root of British sporting problems?

How the world of British sports would be affected by the EU referendum has been almost presented as a non-issue as decision day draws nearer, with minimal coverage across different media.

However, Brexit could have a number of huge effects on domestic sport and a huge part of this is the consequences for grassroots sport should the UK decide to leave.

If, on June 23, the UK determines that it no longer wants to be a part of the European Union, things such as trade deals for equipment with EU member countries and funding for grassroots level sport would be impacted.

Former Chief Operating Officer of Bristol Sport, Guy Price, gave his thoughts on the affects Brexit could have on grassroots sport in Britain. Speaking on the equipment side of things, he said, “It would definitely be impacted. There would be changes in trade agreements with EU countries and there could be tariffs on imported and exported sports equipment.”

However, Price – who has worked in the past with Sport England and Bristol City FC – believes that these issues may not have as much of a detrimental effect on grassroots sport as some may fear. He continued, “Were we to leave, there would be extra freedom in trading with other countries around the world, not just the EU.

“Impact on grassroots sport won’t be significant, being in or out of a trading block doesn’t mean we can’t trade at all.”

Cameron Cooper

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