BRISTOL – Would the UK’s relationship change with the US, if we leave the EU?


The UK have a very established relationship with the US, and their connection with the EU is something that the US have benefited from throughout this long lasting relationship. However if the UK were to be voted out of the EU, would their relationship with the United States of America be permanently damaged or would it be strengthened?

As we know,  the two nations have helped each other in the past specifically speaking, with war affairs. For example, I believe the UK’s relationship with the US immensely deepened during the Iraq war in 2003. It is believed that US soldiers and UK soldiers shared intelligence regarding insurgents and the Taliban. This truly showed the strength of the relationship. The UK could be left vulnerable if they lose one of their most trusted allies, and with such unsettlement with terrorism affairs around the globe, national security could become a huge risk for the UK if left exposed, so leaving the EU and losing a trusted ally, is certainly not a step in the right direction.

With London being a very attractive place to invest finance, and with the US having relationships and close connections within businesses in London, a EU exit would certainly put the US in a predicament. Recently there has been a lot of talk of the worlds largest ‘Fair-trade deal’, which the US and the EU are heavily involved in. I believe this would strengthen the US’s relationship with the EU hugely and also generate them a lot of income which could potentially cover them for deals they lose in the UK. However if the UK, were to remain in the EU, this deal could increase the GDP in the UK. This not only would strengthen the global economy but also tighten relationships between the UK, the EU, and the US.

In conclusion, the UK and the US have had a steady relationship for a long time so the likelihood of major changes in this relationship is unlikely. The UK also has strong relationships with the G7 and the G20, so both nations have these mutual connections and this also strengthens this relationship. If it were to be that the UK was to leave the EU, the ‘Fair-trade deal’ is something that I still feel the UK will be involved in so as a whole i feel our relationship with the US is still intact and will be for years to come.

Aaron Virdee

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