Britain First have announced plans to hold their annual conference in Coventry


A Facebook event set up by the British Nationalist group shows their intentions of holding the conference in the city on 2nd December 2017 at 14:00, although the exact location is yet to be revealed.

Britain First are a far-right British Nationalist group formed in 2011 by Jim Dowson and is currently led by Paul Golding.

At time of writing, 201 people are ‘interested’ in the Facebook event.

In a poll taken by the Coventry Telegraph titled ‘Is Britain First welcome in Coventry’, 73% of people responded ‘no’ and 27% responded ‘yes’.

Coventry is bidding to become the City of Culture 2021 and some members of the community have expressed their concern that Britain First’ presence will affect the bid.

The well known organisation ‘Stand up to Racism Coventry’ have created a Facebook event which implies their intent to protest against Britain First’ plans to hold a conference in the city. Details of the event reads:

‘Britain First are planning to have a conference in Coventry, our great city of peace and reconciliation. We must say no to division and hatred.
Now its time to get organised and try our best to prevent this happening.’

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Hannah Benjamin


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