Bubble Boba Confusion


Sometimes in life it’s strange how the worst things can happen to the nicest of people. We all know of people who can do no wrong and then all of sudden, out of the blue, things just stop going their way. This was the case when I interviewed one half of the partnership that runs Coventry’s independent Bubble teashop, ‘Bubble Boba’.

Taking on the challenge to sell bubble tea to the people of Coventry in November 2015, Neil and Kristin McCoy-Ward have seen their little independent shop go from strength to strength with sales through the roof. However, following a recent mix up with regards to brand recognition. Despite them being a stand-alone business employing their own staff, they have been mistaken with chain bubble tea producer, ‘Mooboo’.

When asked about the debacle, Kirsten said that she first noticed a slight ‘drop in sales’ followed by a discussion with a loyal customer who stated she had posted on her wall that people had begun to boycott bubble tea shops nationwide before redirecting fans of the soft drink to ‘Bubble Boba’ in Coventry. Further discussion revealed that a ‘Mooboo’ shop in Scotland had been apparently making employees work 40-hour shifts before being offered jobs. Thinking nothing of it and thanking the fan for the support, Kirsten was left confused by the conversation.

Looking for the article took a while she said, but when discovered the story spread like ‘wild fire’. Within a few days members of the public were walking past and shouting profanities. The reputation of the owners was not the only thing that was tarnished – the fish tank was in the store was also pushed over and smashed Kristin told me. She also stated that the people were not rough but just ‘normal’, and had obviously jumped on the brand miss-identity bandwagon.

Despite the Bubble Boba shop having its own colours and identity that is separate from ‘Mooboo’ chain stores, Kirsten believes that it isn’t because of the weather detracting from sales, but the actual story published about Mooboo. When asked if sales were on the increase as the confusion subsides, Kirsten mentioned that whilst we were having our interview, she had only served one person, which was at half twelve (normally peak bubble tea time).

All I can say is that I have sampled some of the flavours at Bubble Boba that will be released soon, and they are – in one word – special. It is definitely worth a visit if you fancy trying out a Bubble tea smoothy, milk shakes and milk teas. All I can say is that there are 1000 combinations so you will not run out of things to try!


Callum Poole

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