Caludon Castle produces charity single

By Laura Flanagan and Gemma Watson

Year 13 music student as Caludon Castle school have pulled together to make a charity single for the Coventry and Warwickshire university hospital.

Seven students and two teachers have collaborated to produce a single that will raise funds for the neo-natal baby ward. Although the NHS provide funding for the standard midwifery procedures, Caludon school are providing parents with the materials such as blankets, to stay over night with their premature child.

Caludon School students have created a charity single

Caludon School students have created a charity single

The project is called ‘One step closer’ and the single is named ‘someone’. Scott McMillan who managed the six-piece band said that the group had “received tremendous support” and raising funds has been possible thanks to the schools friends, family and the generous help of Coventry residents.

A few of the members of the group made a trip to the Walsgrave hospital and visited the neo-natal baby ward, which they said, “Touched their hearts”. The band had an idea to also raise money for presents on mothers and fathers day for the poorly babies that had to stay in hospital during these occasions.

Scott reveals that the tracks are finally complete and they are ready for their launch, which will take place on the Saturday the 29th of March. This will be held within a day of entertainment at Broadgate. Other musical groups such as the female choir of Coventry have been getting involved to help the amateur group produce the tracks. They say that this was a massive help, which inspired them to carry on this musical venture.

The link below takes you to the live Facebook page, which you can ‘like’, and keep up to date with:

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