Changes to Coventry

By Kerry Lenihan

Coventry is becoming more popular due the redevelopment and the fact Coventry University is situated at the heart of the City. 2.8 Million pounds by Coventry City Council is being invested in improvements and there’s hope that extra funding will be available by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) that was set up in 1975. The department help to stimulate Economic growth across the Country.

Coventry City Council

A lot of the changes are happening around Council House Square and work has been going on since October 2013. The plan is to improve congestion and safety for pedestrians as the junctions at the moment are dangerous so a one-way system is being put in place. Due to the large amount of money being invested, the aim is to make Coventry a more pleasant place and attract a higher number of people to the City.

Local businesses and attractions are also part of the plan and the refurbishments of the roads means better transport and accessibility for visitors. However upon speaking to places such as The Herbert Gallery, The Cathedral and The Transport Museum, they seemed unaware that the changes were for their benefit and didn’t seem confident it would make much difference. Improvements in the long term will help Coventry; though it does mean there are some short-term negative effects. There is a lot of resurfacing work happening that is disruptive.

Hannah Cockcroft is a Wheelchair user and explains how people with disabilities particularly those in Wheelchairs are facing a hindrance and there’s a lot of ‘Kerb-Jumping’ going on due to the ramps and pavements being blocked off. Temporary narrow pathways cause build up of pedestrians and potholes have become an issue.

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