Christmas Dinner, Student Style!

With the end of term drawing near and the anticipation of Christmas kicking in, some students may want to do something a little festive this year! Undoubtedly, one of the best parts of the season is always the food, so why not try whipping up some delicious dishes with your flat-mates to celebrate? It may not be as tasty as your traditional cuisines, or from your nans ‘secret recipe’ but this top tip article should have you all set for a budget-friendly student cookout!

It’s important that you have a good eye when going to the bustling supermarkets at the moment. With offers, discounts and the line that everybody loves, ‘buy one get on free’ flying around, your sure to find some steals that are easy on the pocket.

So first things first, the turkey! Many whole British turkeys can feed between 6-8 people so you need to remain on the lookout for deals to feed everyone, with enough for leftovers with any luck. With most prices starting from as low as £11, you are on track for a bargain. Even though there may be cheaper options that seem appealing to the eye, realizing there are still hungry bellies to feed could see you doubling the price!

To accompany your turkey, add in some seasonal veg. Your best bet is buying a supermarket value ‘Frozen Mixed Veg’ which should contain peas, carrots, green beans and sweet corn for as little as £1. The great thing about frozen vegetables is that it can be put back into the freezer, ready to use for your next slap up meal.

Last but not least, dessert. Some people may not be a fan of Christmas pudding so if you aren’t, supermarkets sell a wide-range of alternative festive sweet treats. If you want to keep it traditional you could go for a ‘Luxury Christmas Pudding’, at an affordable price of £2.99. You should also check out any specials offers that may be on around this time with some classics such as Knickerbocker glory or a rich chocolate cake which never goes amiss.

With the right research, and an eye for bargains you can buy the turkey, mixed vegetables, and Christmas pudding for under £20. Perfect for a student budget!

Merry Christmas and happy eating!

Monifa Bobb-Simon

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