Cov cops remove mock break-in tweets

Coventry City Police’s official Twitter account has deleted photos uploaded earlier this week after backlash from dozens of social media users.

Police officers in Coventry let themselves into unlocked homes, took pictures and then tweeted them – all to encourage the local community to stay vigilant and keep their properties locked. They attached captions to the messages like “Another house left open, owner advised, that’s 6 in half hour!! Stop making life easy for thieves #stoleninseconds“.

They faced criticism from social media users, who accused them of trespassing and suggest the use of reasonable force to protect their home – something which was upheld just eleven days ago by a high court ruling.

The local police seemed to take the advice of their Twitter followers, tweeting later:

Their tweets from supposed burglary patrol, however, have been deleted from their account – but the question remains as to whether this campaign should have even happened in the first place. Especially when they’re now tweeting photos from outside people’s homes instead!

Jessica Allen

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