Coventry Charity To Raise Funds For Young Females Education In Sudan

The annual meeting for the Friends of Ibba Girls School: South Sudan or (FIGS) is holding its annual meeting on Saturday 25th November.


The UK charity organisation, based in Coventry, was formed in 2011 due to “specific request from community leaders, parents, clergies and chiefs other South Sudanese leaders”


The meeting will be held at St James Church Centre, Knoll Drive, Styvechale, Coventry CV3 5BT beginning from mid-day until six in the evening with an optional supper afterwards. The event will cost a small sum of seven pound fifty, so be sure to book in advance with


iCov spoke to, Chernise Neo, Fundraising and Supporter Communications Coordinator for FIGS. She talked to us about the organisation about the event, the reasoning behind the charity and if there are any further expansion ideas beyond South Sudan.


The school, located in Ibba County, South Sudan to help build a girls’ residential school. Throughout the five years the charity has built a school through generous donations. The school was opened in March 2014, welcoming 40 girls. Now with 130 young girls being educated and housed on the 73-acre green campus site. The charity expects to enroll another class of 40 in early 2018, taking the total to at least 170.


The founder beat those odds as “Bridget Nagomoro was one of the very few women from Ibba village, South Sudan, to be educated beyond the age of ten. She had strong support from her father, but it was still hard work to earn money for school fees. Says Neo when asked about the founder.


The event will outline the progress that the closing year has been like and what is to come and the planning for the next 5 years. Enrolment will continue at the school until they reach the intended capacity of 360 students by 2022.


The general public is being encouraged to come and be part of this special event so you too can be made aware of the great work that is being done for the young girls in South Sudan. Attendees will also get a chance to hear from Nagomoro and be part of a skype call with staff and students.


When asked about any future expansions the Chernise Neo told iCov for the time being the plans still remain on the Amadi, Gbudwe and Mariadi states in South Sudan which is actually a very large catchment area about the size of Scotland for just one girls school. However, there has been talks in exploring ways to link with other schools to form a teaching network sharing best practice across all of South Sudan.


Tatenda Manzara

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