Coventry City Ban Supporter for Life


Coventry City Football Club have banned a supporter from both home and away games for life after he decided to invade the pitch at Ricoh Arena in their home game defeat at the hands of Forest Green.

The fan stormed onto the pitch during stoppage time, late into the second half of the 1-0 loss for the team. The supporter seemed to have rushed on in a fit of frustration as he could be seen shouting at Coventry players in anger before Captain Michael Doyle showed him his way back to the stands.

The club released this statement during the aftermath of the event:

"Coventry City Football Club has issued a club ban which applies to home and away matches, for the foreseeable future. The Ricoh Arena stadium has also issued a lifetime stadium ban and this applies to all events, including sport and music concerts.”

We all know football can be a passionate game for supporters especially when the score isn’t going your way and the club recognised that in their statement. "We know that football is an emotional game and that Tuesday’s game was a frustrating one for supporters.”

The club then concluded that actions such as these can still not be tolerated under any circumstance and left them with little options.

 "The club is always reluctant to issue bans to supporters for any reason, however it has been left with no option in these circumstances.”

On a separate but still relevant note, the Club also addressed concerns that were raised by Coventry City fans about the way stewards handle situation such as these and raised their own issue of supporter’s safety.

"Separately, the club and the stadium have investigated the incident and the response to it. We understand fans’ concerns regarding player safety and the response by stewards, and will work to address these concerns going forward."

All this supporter drama doesn’t help the Blues who currently sit just eighth in League Two following their relegation last term from league One.

Matthew James Reilly


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