Coventry city council encourages residents to have free NHS health checks.

By Sharon Matambanadzo


NHS Health CheckHealth and social care councillor Allison Gingell says Coventry residents aged 40-74 should take their health more seriously by going for a free NHS funded health checks.

The new free public health program is designed to encourage people to go and have themselves checked for any health risks. It is a risk assessment and screening process, which aims to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes, heart, and kidney disease and stroke.

The program is aimed at people between the age of 40 to 74 with no previously diagnosed condition such as, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, chronic kidney disease etc. The health check is not necessary if you have had a health check in the past 5 years and you must be registered to a Coventry GP.

Councillor Allison Gingell said, “Its surprising how many people are surprised when they go to have the check and find out that they are at risk of being ill.

It is therefore important for all the residents who fit the criteria to go and have this health check, and it is free so there is no worry about it costing too much.”

Coventry City Council is working with the GP’s to ensure that residents know about the risks of not going for the health check and the benefits of knowing how your body is. GP’s are now offering and advising patients of the health checks.

The council has also been using social media such as Twitter, Facebook etc. to make the residents aware of it. There are also flyers around the city and information on public transport, more recently there is information on the back of bus tickets.

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