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It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the comic book industry is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance in recent years. Last July, according to the Washington post, the industry had its bestselling month in two decades. Many factors could attributed to this such as the popularity of both the Marvel and DC film franchises.

Keen to capitalise on this increased popularity is Jeff Cummings, who is at the forefront of organising the first Coventry Comic Con, which take place on the 1st October 2017.

The most notable Comic Con event takes place In San Diego, which houses over 100,000 fans and even though the Coventry Comic Con may not expect figures like that Jeff is very confident it is an event the Midlands has been crying out for.

“Not many people know about it because it’s Coventry’s first augural Comic Con. Getting the word out there has been the hardest thing. I’ve been using social media and word of mouth, trying to get the word out there”.

“Ultimately we are looking to appeal to people who have never been to a Comic Con event. If you’ve never been to a Comic Con event before hopefully you’ll be wowed by what we have to offer.

“We’ve got guests, we’ve got exhibitors, dealer tables, comics and even a free Jedi fight academy”.

Comic Cons are not only known for their displays of art and costume but also the special guests that give fans a chance to come face to face with some of their favourite characters. Though this may be the maiden event, this hasn’t stopped Jeff providing the punters with some notable faces.

“Sylvester McCoy, the 7th Doctor, will be there as will his companion Ace played by Sophie Aldred. We also have an actor who played one of the Jokers henchmen in The Dark Knight. However on May the 4th we will be hopefully making a special announcement and the date should give you a bit a hint as to what they are from”.

Jeff also went on to describe the hardship of juggling organising this event with having a full time job.

“Getting the guests is the easiest bit, but it’s quite easy to run away with yourself. You are always tempted to add new guests as I’m constantly getting emails from people offering to come.”

Even though this is the maiden voyage for the Coventry Comic con this hasn’t stopped Jeff looking to next year and the future.

“I’ve learnt so much this year so in 2018 I’ll do it a lot differently. However all of this is good stress because this is something I love and am passionate about. I’m driven to make it just right.”

So if you fancy a slightly different day out head over to The Coventry Comic Con website and by your tickets For the 1st October.


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