COVENTRY: EU laws and regulations – beneficial or unnecessary?

With the EU Referendum just over a month away – the date is set for 23th June – everyone is eager to find out more and more about the European Union and its effect on the UK.

The EU has the right to support, coordinate or supplement the actions of the government in certain areas – such as health, education, tourism, defence, etc. Looking at how this partnership influences the laws and regulations in the United Kingdom helps to get a better understanding of the matter.

Although the EU doesn’t directly set taxes or decide on local issues, decisions made in Brussels have a great influence on life in member states, like the UK. They affect important areas such as healthcare or environmental rules. While a lot of people believe this to be harmful, this relationship has its benefits.

First of all, the Working Time Directive puts an end to excessive night work, ensures workers have a certain amount of time to rest during their shifts and gives people a minimum amount of holiday.

The EU competition law, for example, stops bigger firms from setting up cartels and monopolies, giving every company the chance to do business all over the EU.

Furthermore, the area of freedom, security and justice is designed to help police across the Union cooperate as well as to ensure fair treatment in different judicial systems for all citizens. In case of committing a serious crime, the European arrest warrant means that you can be arrested regardless of the EU country you’re in.

To find out even more about how the laws and regulations are affected by the EU, visit the following website.

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