COVENTRY: EU Referendum Debate: Do we stay or do we go you decide.

So June 23rd is only round the corner and it only means one thing: do the United Kingdom citizens choose to stay within the EU or do they make a drastic change and leave the EU all together. The decision is yet to be made.

The citizens of the United Kingdom are currently split 50/50, on whether they should stay or whether they should leave. There are pros and cons for the United Kingdom voting to leave Europe, it is said that if we leave we will save money, as we will no longer need to contribute to the EU. The United Kingdom would also be in control on who can and cannot enter the country. However the pros for the United Kingdom to stay within the EU are drastic, as if we chose to stay our investments and exports would be able to continue as 74% of the United Kingdoms exports operate with other businesses within the EU.

Jagdish Singh, Business Owner stated:“ I will definitely be voting as I would like for us to stay within the EU as a lot of my business is in cooperation with other EU businesses and if we leave it will cause a lot of concern and issues for me and my business”.

Many high profiled citizens of the UK such as David Cameron and Prince William have protested that we stay within the EU, as it would benefit us more if we stayed rather than if we left.

Many people assume their vote will not affect the outcome, as there are already so many people that would have voted, so a majority of people decide not to vote, however every vote counts when it comes to elections as that 1 vote could change everything.

I asked the general public online will they be voting in the EU referendum and the results came out a straight 60/40 cut. With 60% of people saying they are going to vote and 40% saying they are going to stay.

I then asked what will they be voting for, and considering it has been said to be 50/50 split these results surprised me with 13% saying they were going to stay and 87% saying they are going to be leaving.

Do we stay or do we leave, the ultimate decision is still yet to be decided upon, so if you want to have your say, get down to you’re nearest polling station and vote, every vote counts.

Watch this video below, and make your own opinion.


Charlie Lynch

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