Coventry Film Festival

The International Coventry Film Festival has returned for its 4th consecutive year as one of the premiere dates in the city’s calendar when it comes to the media and creative arts. Scheduled to take place on 10th and 11th November 2017 at the Ego Arts venue on Silver Street in the city centre of Coventry, the International Coventry Film Festival has attracted a multitude of different works ranging from music videos and documentaries to both short and full-length film productions, showcasing the diversity and the variety that has come from the city’s film community over the course of the past year.

The viewings of the work prepared for the 2017 edition of the festival has been split over the two days: the full-length and short films being shown on Friday 10th November, and the music videos, documentaries, animation, and others being shown on Saturday 11th November. 19 pieces of work are being shown at the event, including films by directors such as Kevin Nash, Mike Donaghy, Chris Barron, Nicolas Legendre, and others. Content made as far away as Sweden, Thailand and Hungary has also been prepared to be shown at the 4th International Coventry Film Festival.

The International Coventry Film Festival is also responsible for the organisation and management of the International Coventry LGBTQ Film Festival, which is scheduled to have its 3rd annually consecutive event take place throughout April and May 2018 – the precise date is undetermined according to the festival’s website. The event also rewards its contributors who have presented the work that they deem to be of the highest quality, with several categories being included. These are ‘best actor’, ‘best feature film’, ‘best short film’, ‘best actor in a short film’, and ‘best actor in a feature film’.


Jack Toreson

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