COVENTRY: Obama releases statement on the EU Referendum

President Obama has warned voters of the United Kingdom, that if they choose to leave the EU, it may take up to 10 years to conduct a trade deal with the United States.

Towards the end of his UK trip visiting the queen at her 90th birthday celebrations, the president of the United States weighed in on the argument. He told the BBC “It could be five years from now, 10 years from now before we’re actually able to get something done,”

Obama’s reflections on the EU Referendum fashioned major outrage between leading MPs involved in the discussion, as the Mayor of London expressed his disgust at the comments, calling Americans view on the Brexit as “paradoxical” and “Very odd”.

However, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair, believed the people of Britain should listen to the opinions of Barack Obama, and vote against leaving the EU.

He told Bloomberg TV: “If you’re rational, the view of the president of the most powerful country in the world and our biggest ally should matter.”

Another person to weigh in on the argument is presidency hopeful Donald Trump. He believed that leaving the EU would beneficial to the United Kingdom, as he stressed to Fox News that the migration crisis was a “horrible thing for Europe”.

As the date of 23rd June approaches, it’s still a matter of whether Britain should decide to stay in the EU, or leave. And considering the importance for the nation, it’s possible that we may receive more twist and turns as we approach D-Day.

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Kevin Boateng

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